Center For General Education

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     Since the establishment of the school since the school, with a full education for the characteristics of the commercial university as the goal. The planning of general education content focuses on the exhortation of moral character, the care of life education, the cultivation of humanistic accomplishment, the development of service learning and civic consciousness, the expansion of historical macro vision and the respect of multiculturalism, the diversity of intelligence and the core competence Training, and the balanced development of general education and professional education.

      In addition to integrating the ethics, innovation, quality and performance of Dr. Wang Yoshida, the school will be integrated into the core values ​​of basic education, and will actively plan the curriculum with the common characteristics under the trend of globalization and the " "The implementation of a series of music, drama, performances and lectures and other informal curriculum activities to guide the characteristics of the campus culture and the cultivation of students' humanities.