Center For General Education

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Center goal

Education Objectives and Core Competence of General Education Center


Hospital education goals

Connotation description

First, moral cultivation (Civic literacy and employment development)

The concept of education in the center is to strengthen the humanistic accomplishment of students, this humanistic care involves heaven, earth, people and the whole of society and the whole people care.

Second, social care

[Deepen the life (state) care and life science and technology application]

Training students to modernize the basic quality of citizens and to help build career development vision, so that it can play a professional professionalism, effective self-discipline, so that students understand the workplace ethics and enhance social awareness.

Third, the international perspective (Analysis of local culture and international political and economic trends)

To promote the Hakka Cultural Research Center, the use of inter-disciplinary integration of research methods, combined with interdisciplinary research team, to do permanent cross-cultural studies of Hakka academic; Secondly, more hope that through the name of the study of political and economic analysis of students Of the international perspective.